Who we are





“…For companies, there is no other metric of success than results…”


Our job is to work with companies - our clients - to solve their most critical business issues and obtain extraordinary results

Whether it is for example about the need to rebuild their strategy (for instance, due to a structural revenue losses), or having to cut severely the cost base to regain profitability, or the need to evaluate the potential deriving from the buyout of a competitor, or … our clients rely on us to help them solve their toughest challenges or develop and build new opportunities

Reelev&C operates at global level


Our firm can also be described through the values that guide all our work, both externally (with our clients) and internally (with our professionals)

We are in fact firmly committed to:

  • Results

  • Tailored solutions that build competitive advantage

  • Integrity

  • Respect for the individual

Our firm builds its success on a team of extremely prepared people, who have developed their knowledge and capabilities through an extensive and deep business experience

International Board



Riccardo Trentini
Member of the Board
London, United Kingdom



Lorne Zeiler
Senior Advisor
Toronto, Canada



Juan Cuevas de Miguel
Member of the Board
Al-Jasrah, Kingdom of Bahrain